"I think Kev is the best! Fast, efficient, a great eye and a gifted collaborator. He’s insightful about material and knows how to translate a scripts themes onto the screen. He’s indie film making treasure."
—Peggy Rajski, Academy Award winning director/producer

"Kev has a 'can do' attitude that is rare amongst DP’s of his standard, he is flexible, energetic and full of great ideas. My experience with him has been on the Emmy nominated Flight 93 a Red Bull commercial and a Mary J Blige profile documentary. To work across all these disciplines takes a special disposition."
—Bruce Goodison, Emmy nominated director (FLIGHT 93)

"Kev’s impact extends far beyond the beautifully crafted images you see on the screen. He is an amazing collaborator and partner. His keen insight breeds creativity and productivity. The man is an inspiration and a pleasure to work with. I have no interest in working with anyone else."
—Benjamin Morgan, award winning director (QUALITY OF LIFE)

"Kev is a visual artist to the core. I love working with him because he brings a fresh energy and committed passion to every project."
—David Mueller, DGA director (BEAUTIFUL WAVE)

"Kev was an absolute miracle sent to our project. We had a great story and terrific actors but a very limited budget. Kev and his camera made BUTTERFLY DREAMING look like we spent millions."
—Rene Haynes, CSA casting director/producer (BUTTERFLY DREAMING)

"Kev is a wonderful collaborator, open and creative with a delightful spirit and inspired artistic vision."
—Melora Hardin, director/actress (YOU)

"If you want a film that looks fantastic and is a great ride in the getting, Kev’s your man. I’ll certainly be working with him again."
—Rufus Williams, award winning director (BUTTERFLY DREAMING)

"I have worked with Kev for over 12 years, he has a unique way of looking at the world and great communication skills. I always get more beautiful shots than I had imagined."
—Andy Hill, commercial producer/director Gucciboy Productions